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Scroll down and click on the image to learn more about each individual product in the Elanco portfolio.

Coccidiosis Control Products

Vecoxan for lambs

Vecoxan for calves

Ectoparasite Control

Crovect for sheep

Flypor for sheep

Fly Control

CLiK for sheep

CLiK Extra for sheep

CLiKZiN for sheep

Neporex for farm use


Dectomax Pour On
For Cattle

Dectomax injection
For Cattle

Dectomax injection
For Sheep

Worm Control


Fluke and Worm Control


Fasimec Duo

Combinex Sheep

Combinex Cattle


Fluke Control

Fasinex 5% for sheep

Fasinex 240 for cattle

Flukiver for Sheep

CLiK® EXTRA, CLiK®, CLiKZiN®, Crovect®, Combinex™, Dectomax, Fasimec™ Duo, Fasinex™, Flypor, Neporex, Rycoben™, Supaverm™, Vecoxan™, Zolvix™, Elanco™ and the diagonal bar™ logo are trademarks of Elanco or its affiliates. Use medicines responsibly ( Advice should be sought from the prescriber prior to use.